Our Team

Board of Directors

The organisation is governed by a Board of Management appointed by the Governor-in-Council upon the recommendation of the Minister for Health.

The overall function of the Board is determined by the Health Services Act 1988 and is to:

  • Oversee and manage the organisation; and
  • Ensure the services provided by the organisation comply with the requirements of the Act and Beechworth Health Service’s aims and objectives.

In practical terms the Board is responsible for setting the strategic directions of the health service within the framework of Government policy and for monitoring the performance of the organisation with an emphasis upon the provision of high quality care, meeting the needs of the community and operating in accordance with financial and non-financial performance targets.

To govern effectively the Board seeks to have an appropriate mix of skills and knowledge to be effective in achieving its objectives and representation of the community.

Interested in becoming a Board member?

Applications will be invited annually for part time board positions of public health services and public hospitals (including multipurpose services and early parenting centres) with terms of office commencing from 1 July.

The Victorian Government is committed to ensuring every Victorian receives safe and high quality healthcare. Applicants must be able to demonstrate and provide evidence in support of the skills they identify in their applications.

These positions provide an exciting opportunity for suitably qualified and experienced persons to contribute and provide high level advice on the delivery of public health care to the Victorian community.

Current Directors

  • Mr Harry Thomas

    Year commenced: 2015
    Background: Information and Technology
    Interests: I am involved with a number of boards and community committees, where I hold executive positions. My passions are skiing, technology and motor vehicles.

  • Ms. Jennifer Gordon

    Vice President

    Year commenced: 2013
    BHS Committee/s: Finance & Audit Committee & Credentialing Committee
    Background: Public Sector (Education & Employment)
    Interests: Clinical Governance; Strategic Leadership and Human Resource Management.

  • Glenda Beecher

    Year commenced: 2019 
    BHS Committee/s: Clinical Governance Committee 
    Background: Master in Laws; Deputy General Counsel at Monash University 
    Interests: Corporate Governance; Human Resources Management and Law 

  • Dr. David Lawrence

    Year commenced: 2014
    BHS Committee/s: Finance and Audit Committee and Credentialing Committee
    Background: Hon Associate Professor, Resource Management and Development and Public Policy
    Interests: Clinical Governance; Community Services and Communication and Stakeholders Engagement.

  • Ms. Patricia Mom

    Year commenced: 2015
    BHS Committee/s: Clinical Governance Committee
    Background: Private Sector (Community)
    Interests: Community Services; Communication and stakeholders engagement and Human Resource Management.

  • Ms. Isabel Paton

    Year commenced: 2017
    BHS Committee/s: Clinical Governance Committee
    Background: Public Sector (Education)
    Interests: Communication and Stakeholder Engagement; Clinical Governance and Registered Clinician.

  • Ms. Kim Rowley

    Year commenced: 2017
    BHS Committee/s: Finance and Audit Committee
    Background: Private Sector (Law)
    Interests: Law; Strategic Leadership and Community Services.

  • Ms. Natalie Willis

    Year commenced: 2016
    BHS Committee/s: Clinical Governance Committee
    Background: Public Sector
    Interests: Health promotion and community development

Leadership Team

  • Mark Ashcroft

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Shell Morphy

    Director of Excellence and Innovation

  • Lisa Allen

    Director of Clinical Services

  • Carolyn Shaw

    Director of Corporate Services

  • Maree Bailey

    Support Services Supervisor

  • Michelle Borleis

    Compliance Officer 

  • Linda Earl

    Nurse Unit Manager Acute

  • Punarji Gunaratne

    Financial Services - Accountant

  • Dyan Hill

    Human Resources Manager

  • Oriana McCormick

    Executive Assistant 

  • Anna Mackinlay

    Community Engagement Officer 

  • Louine Robinson

    Community Health Team Leader

  • Jennifer Stott

    Staff Development Officer 

  • Bernadette Squires

    Infection Control Officer

  • Lynda Thompson

    District Nursing and Club Connection Team Leader

  • Macy Veneracion

    Residential Care Manager