Hospital & Urgent Care

Acute Unit

The twelve bed Acute Unit provides a flexible range of services including medical, palliative care, alcohol detoxification and the Transition Care Program. The Acute Unit is staffed by dedicated clinicians with support via a Visiting Medical Officer service and on-call medical support after hours. A palliative care room is available to provide a peaceful and quiet environment.

Information for Acute Unit Patients & Visitors

  • Visiting is encourage between 10am-4pm and are subject to the wishes of patients.
  • Quiet time is every afternoon between 1 and 3 pm. Quiet time encourages rest which assists you to recover. Whilst visitors are welcome during quiet time, it is helpful for other patients if noise levels are kept to a minimum.

See our COVID-19 Information before visiting.

Please note there are additional visitor restrictions during COVID-19 pandemic that are subject to change without notice to keep our patients, staff and resident of Beechworth Health Service safe. Please consult with the front office regarding specific visitor restrictions and book an appointment to visit.

Private Health Insurance

You can choose to use your private health insurance (hospital cover) for your admission to the Acute Unit. If you’d like to do so, please talk to any member of your care team. By electing to be admitted as a private patient you are actively supporting the health service.

Urgent Care Centre

The Beechworth Health Service Urgent Care Centre operates twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. This service is led by a clinical team of highly skilled nurses with support from on-call general practitioners, Emergency Specialist via Telehealth and Ambulance Victoria. We can triage, assess and manage a wide range of emergency presentations such as asthma, chest pain, wounds and limb injuries.

If your healthcare needs can’t be treated at BHS you will have an initial assessment and manaagement, and be transferred to a regional hospital.

The Urgent Care Centre is not an Emergency Department so if you see a General Practitioner in the Urgent Care Centre this attracts a fee. This may result in out-of-pocket costs not covered by Medicare. In this case you will be billed by the General Practitioner. If you have a telehealth consultation then this is free of charge.

If ambulance transport is required, you will be billed Ambulance Victoria, unless you have ambulance cover.

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